Future Stars

beginning/intermediate junior instructional program.

 Join "any time!"

classes are year round (you will be notified otherwise)

Orange Ball and Green Dot Balls used for Beginning Junior Classes Per USTA

Pee Wees 4-6 yr olds--------------Monday's and Wednesday's from 5:15-6pm,    $180/10 classes

6-10 yr olds-------------------------Monday's and Wednesday's from 6-7pm,   $200/10 classes

10-15 yr olds-----------------------Tuesday's and Thursday's from 6-7pm,   $200/10 classes

8-14 yr olds (Beg/Int )-----------Saturday's from 10:30-11:45am,   $250/10 classes



Challenger and Champ Players

Intermediate-advanced Training program (academy Program)

Green Dot Balls will be used for Players 10 and Under as per USTA guidelines

Academy Program Runs from 3-7pm Monday through Friday

Starts when school begins, August 27th ends December 14th, Spring Program begins January 7th, 2019

3 Hours/week (57 Hours)----  $700/semester,  $210/month or $400 Aug 27th, and $400 Oct 15

4 Hours/week (76 Hours)----- $900/semester, $250/month or $500 Aug 27, and $500 Oct 15

6 Hours/week (114 Hours)----$1100/semester, $325/month or $600 Aug 27, and $600 Oct 15

8 Hours/week (152 Hours)-----$1300/semester, $ 400/month or $700 Aug 27 and $700 Oct 15

Unlimited Hrs/wk (OCPE)     -$2250/semester, $600/month or $1200 Aug 27th ,  $1200 Oct 15

****Please feel FREE to make-up the hours missed any week in ANY weeks to follow.  as long as you average the amount of weekly training hours over the course of the semester.***** 
NO Regular Classes During Thanksgiving Week... A Camp will be offered..



high school training

high school training program   5:30-7pm Monday----Thursday

1.5 Hours/week (28.5 Hours)------------$450/semester or $100/month

3 Hours/week (57 Hours)-----------------$800/semester or $200/month

6+ Hours/week (142.5 Hours)------------$1500/semester or $400/month