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I agree that all activities at King's Court Tennis Academy shall be undertaken at the player's own risk, and that the player is in good physical condition an physically able to undertake any and all physical activities, and has notified KCTA if the player has any medical conditions. I hereby release King's Court Tennis Academy LLC; its employees, tennis professionals, and sponsors of all responsibility in the event of an accident, negligence, or injury. I also consent to emergency and/or hospital services for any member of our household as deemed necessary by physician and/or medical professional. KCTA and its employees shall not be liable for any theft, injuries, or damages to you or your property. KCTA reserves the right to deny any players or patron wearing inappropriate attire or footwear when entering the property. Poor sportsmanship and bad language will NOT be tolerated. We grant permission for KCTA to use photographs of tennis players on their Social Media sites.